Saturday, November 17, 2012

What's in a miscommunication?

For those who know or don't know, today is the third anniversary of the night I finally worked up the gumption to send a message to a cute-looking girl with an interesting profile on a dating website.  Three years from that day, and I'm now sitting on her couch while she takes a brief nap on the couch next to me.  I look across to her and see.. well it's not her face, she's turned to face the back of her couch.  But if it were her face, I'd tell you of the angelic bliss I see in her visage as she slumbers peacefully.  As such, the current view is also quite gratifying.  Boy, she's gonna be mad at me when she reads this entry.  What can I say?  Being a stinker once in awhile is part of the fun of sharing a love with someone.

So you'll be happy to know that barring her being upset with me for the above paragraph, the eponymous miscommunication is not about us.  It's a work snafu.  See, originally, the plan was for me to work this morning.  And if I'd worked this morning, I wouldn't have been able to be with her until late this afternoon or possibly this evening given traffic (they really need to add more lanes on the Trans-Canada between the Cloverdale exit and the Highway 7 exit, but I digress).  Thankfully, there was a foul-up in communication, and someone else is working today.  It would've been nice to work today, make a little extra money, but the fiance was really excited about me coming up this afternoon because it's the first anniversary that we've actually been able to be together in person rather than on the internet or over the phone.  So if she was excited about having the last maybe 7 hours of the day with me, imagine her excitement when I showed up at her door last night ready to spend ALL of today with her!  She's excited, even if her sleeping state doesn't scream enthusiasm.

So, whether you believe that all things happen for a reason or just love a good mix-up, the point is when I called the other person to discuss the schedule foul-up, she said she'd planned on me working this morning, but would be willing to do it if I wanted it off.  So, when an opportunity strikes grab it.  I  did.  It's how I got to spend the whole anniversary with the woman I love.  It's how I got my fiance in the first place.

Happy anniversary, Erica.  I wouldn't switch lives with anyone because I have you.  I love you.

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