Saturday, October 23, 2010

What's in a name?

I have to admit, there have been times in the past when I wanted to start a blog, but I always procrastinated on it.  I mean, does anyone really give a shit what I'm thinking most of the time?  Highly unlikely.  Nonetheless, things are are just weighing too prevalently upon my mind, and I have to get them out, if only for my peace of mind.  Or piece of mind... the piece that's left, that is.  Since a couple friends of mine have blogs here as well, I figured I'd try a blog out here. 

And yet, with worries and woes weighing upon my head, it was signing up for here which proved to be a bigger pain in the posterior.  I knew that if I ever started a blog, I wanted to call it "The War Room"... a combination of a couple different memes.  One of which is that silly bumper sticker/T-shirt that says "6 of the 7 voices in my head don't like you."  And another which I must credit my friend Laura with, who insisted I see Dr. Strangelove, and in doing so, subjected me to her favorite line, "You can't fight in here!  This is the War Room!"  So I just jammed the two together with the thought that if my brain were a building with rooms, and all my cranial voices convened in the War Room, all hell would break loose. 

Well, it seemed much funnier in my head.

So I originally wanted the title "The War Room: Where The Voices In My Head Go To Duke It Out".  But this was too long.  So, I was just going to shorten the end to "Head Duke It Out" or "Head Go To Fight"... no good, still too long.  And Fight didn't really say what I wanted it to.  So, it was eventually whittled down to "The War Room: Where The Voices In My Head Brawl".  And now as I type this, I see it may still be too long, as I have the ellipsis after "In My."  Sheesh.  Give me a frakkin' break.  Still, despite what the web page may say at the top, the official, formal title for my blog is "The War Room:  Where The Voices In My Head Go To Duke It Out."  And failing that, I'll change the name to a strange symbol of sorts and get all pissy when you try to call it "The Blog Formerly Known As The War Room:  Where The Voices In My Head Go To Duke It Out."

Then there's the URL.  Naturally, I started with "thewarroom".  I figured it was a good name.  What I forgot is that usually all the good names are taken.  Such was the case here.  I tried warroom, the-war-room, the-warroom, thewar-room, the_war_room, the=war=room, the last two of which told me that the _ and = characters were not allowed.  Rats.  Suddenly, I tried adjusting it with "inthewarroom".  Available!  Sold!  Only issue is now I have the urge to sing Cream songs... In the war room, with black curtains....  I don't even like Cream.  Nothing against the trio, just not a fan of acid blues.

So here I am.  With a blog that isn't quite named the way I want it, but it'll meet my needs.  The things we go through just to have a place to complain.  Oy vey.


  1. Now you're going to need to get on Twitter :)

  2. Yeah, I'll get to that when Twitter goes the way of xanga.